Budget Solvent Based Black Ink [0001]

This ink is our entry level ink this ink will print on to a variety of different substrates but mainly on to porous substrates. This ink has a dry time of 40-60 seconds

Regal Black Ink [0002]


This is our flagship ink that offers greater colour gain on plastic/metal and glass surfaces due to its advanced chemical composition. This ink has a dry time of 40-50 seconds


P64190/490D Black Ink (Xaar 64/128) [0003]


This is our Box coding black ink and has been specifically designed to be infra red readable so that the customer can produce barcodes of very good quality. This ink is 100% solvent based however this ink will not dry in print head giving the consumer greater reliability and reduced maintenance time. Note 490and 190D black are interchangeable and 490 should be used in countries where temperatures are more likely to be warmer. These inks have a dry time in excess of 2 min.  


P64 290D BLACK/WHITE INK [0004]

This ink is our standard black and white inks. These inks have a very good adhesion to glass plastic and metal. This ink a dry time of around 40 -50 seconds

P64 295 DC Black and White Ink (Xaar 64/128) [0005]
X128 10 Second Black and White Ink (Xaar 64/128) [0006]

This ink is ideal for fast production lines it will dry at room temperature in 10 seconds and if a little air is applied this ink will dry in less than 10 seconds. This ink has very good adhesion to plastic metals and glass. This ink is 100% solvent based 

X128 10 Second Bottle coding Black ink (Xaar 64/128) [0007]

This ink is the same as 10 second black ink but this ink has been specially designed to promote superior adhesion to glass and PET and will even stick to PP and most metals.

Oil Based Black Ink (Xaar 64/128) [0008]

Our Oil Based Black Ink is designed to work on porous substrates like card   and   is a very low maintenance ink.

Oil Based Flushing Solution (Xaar 64/128) [0009]

This flushing solution is our standard oil based flush and designed to be used with our oil based black ink.

Slow White Ink (Xaar 64/128) [0010]

This ink is designed for use in heated environments "i.e." Extrusion. This ink is 100% solvent based and has a dry time of 80-120 seconds

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Test 1 Egg Coding Red & Blue InkOur FDA complaint egg coding inks are registered with the United States Department of Agriculture and meet the standerds of both the European community and the USA.
Test 1 Oil Based Black InkEley Hawk manufactures of shotgun cartidges use Acorn Digital oil based black on their packaging lines.
Test 1 Solvent Based Black InkAstonish products division of London Oil coding with solvent black ink on their generic cases.

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